Properties for sale by FNSB Land Management


Land Management has notified the Assembly of the properties nominated for sale in Fall 2019, and you can see them HERE!

FNSB Land Management sells properties in several ways:

  • Auction - by sealed bid
  • Direct Sale - certain Borough land may qualify for direct sale to an adjoining property owner
  • Over The Counter - when land does not sell at auction or is foreclosed for default on a Borough financed deed of trust, it is sold over the counter on a first come, first served basis.
  • Exchange - Borough land may be exchanged for privately owned property if it is in the best interest of the public
  • Cooperative Sale-  the sale to a private developer subject to a development contract



Tax Foreclosure Auction properties are handled by FNSB Treasury/Budget.

They can be reached at (907) 459-1240.

Information about Direct Sales can be located HERE.

Division of Land Management 


907 Terminal St., 2nd Floor

Fairbanks ALASKA

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