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We want to know what you think about the parcels nominated for sale next fall.  Are we on the right track? Do you love them?  Is something missing?  Let us know!


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  • Tim Bristor (Monday, July 08 19 01:29 pm EDT)

    I feel the Pandora tract of land should not be nominated to be sold. This property lies on a privately maintained portion of Pandora Drive and the increased traffic will cause this section to deteriorate. If the road was improved to borough standards so the road service was responsible for the maintenance and the existing trails were protected I would agree with this sale.

  • Eric Troyer (Sunday, July 07 19 08:21 pm EDT)

    I have strong reservations about the sale of the Pandora lot, although they are less than previously.

    I have been assured that the Cranberry Trail will be given an easement. Please make sure that happens. Also, I have been assured that the lot will become part of the Vista Gold Road Service Area before it is sold. Please make sure that happens, as well. This lot has no other access except through the VGRSA.

    A few other trails also cross this parcel, though they are not a part of the borough trails plan. For that reason, I do not want to see this lot sold. However, I also understand that as a citizen, it's part of my responsibility to take action to protect trails BEFORE they are nominated for sale. I have not done that. If this land is sold, I accept the consequences for my inaction.

    Also, I also have strong reservations about this lot being sold because it is on a glorified driveway that is largely maintained by volunteers. A new owner could use the road without paying for maintenance. That concerns me for the existing road residents.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

  • Natalie Schuldt (Tuesday, May 21 19 05:57 pm EDT)

    Hello! I am a ten year resident of the Pandora subdivision. The only thing that concerns me is whether the Cranberry Trail will be protected and outside of the area of the Pandora tract sale? PLEASE consider a plan that includes a trail corridor for the many many residents who love the Cranberry Trail.
    Thank you!

  • Sacha Layos (Monday, May 20 19 09:56 pm EDT)

    I strongly oppose this sale. There are well-established and well-used trails, including the Cranberry Trail, that traverse this area. Many people have worked to get this trail established and it is well taken care of due to community interest. FNSB should replat this parcel to provide sufficient protection to this unique area.

  • Stan R Justice (Wednesday, May 15 19 03:26 am EDT)

    The Peede Road Tract and Brock Lots are laced with trails used by nearby residents. The Badger Road and North Pole area has very few parks besides Chena Lakes. These parcels and adjacent borough land would make a nice park.

  • Stan R Justice (Wednesday, May 15 19 03:22 am EDT)

    Strongly opposed to sale of Pandora Tract. People worked for years to get Cranberry Trail in the FNSB Trail Plan and this sale does not protect the trail. If a private owner does not subdivide the trail could be blocked. Do not sell unless FNSB replats the parcel carving out a wide trail corridor and keeping the corridor in FNSB ownership. (not just platting a trail easement). Keep the trail corridor in public ownership.

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