Fall 2019 Property Auction


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Property Area Size (Acres) Minimum Bid
Chena River ASLS 98-39 Tract D Chena Hot Springs Resort 9.70 $14,480
Chena River ASLS 98-39 Tract E Chena Hot Springs Resort 3.36 $9,440
Evan's Hideaway Lot 3 Elliott Hwy/Himilaya Rd 44.37 $42,560
Evan's Hideaway Lot 4 Elliott Hwy/Himilaya Rd 7.31 $22,240
Old Murphy Dome Old Murphy Dome Rd/Pipeline 10.23 $16,400
Goldstream ASLS 2017-21 Tract A Goldstream Rd/Eldorado Creek Trail 23.02 $88,000
Goldstream ASLS 2017-21 Tract B Goldstream Rd/Eldorado Creek Trail 10.37 $45,600
Straight Alder Subd Lot 1 Old Nenana Hwy/Old Ridge Trail 14.76 $35,200
Straight Alder Subd Lot 2 Old Nenana Hwy/Old Ridge Trail 11.22 $27,200
Straight Alder Subd Lot 3 Old Nenana Hwy/Old Ridge Trail 10.99 $27,200
Straight Alder Subd Lot 4 Old Nenana Hwy/Old Ridge Trail 5.58 $16,000
Cache Creek Subd Tract 8 Far West FNSB 79.77 $31,920
Cache Creek Subd Tract 9 Far West FNSB 242.20 $58,160
Chena River Lots

Division of Land Management 

907-459-1241  land@fnsb.us

907 Terminal St., 2nd Floor

Fairbanks ALASKA

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